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DC:0-3R—Diagnosing Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health and Developmental Disorders

"The DC: 0-3R training was informative and clear. The anecdotes and examples really clarified difficult diagnostic considerations. I highly recommend this training for anyone who diagnoses and treats young children."



Janice Englander Katz, Ph.D., H.S.P.P.
Clinical Psychologist Founder and President, The Child Care Consortium Inc.; Imagination Station
Who Should Attend
Purpose of the Training
6 Trainings Offered


Who Should Attend Back to Top


Mental health practitioners, clinicians and policymakers

Purpose of the Training Back to Top

The benefits of early intervention continue to hearten researchers, practitioners, and families. Early treatment of infants and toddlers is proving measurably valuable in a cross-section of disorders, including anxiety, autism, and depression. A critical component of successful treatment is early identification.

ZERO TO THREE’s revised, developmentally based diagnostic manual (DC:0-3R), is based on a growing understanding of early cognitive development. This diagnostic manual stands to make early treatment more effective than ever. The new criteria include new diagnostic subsets for depression, anxiety disorders, including separation anxiety and social anxiety, and feeding behavior disorders. These interactive sessions review the revised criteria and other aspects of diagnosing and treating early childhood mental health disorders for all levels.

6 Trainings Offered Back to Top
Testimonials Back to Top

The Center for Training Services offers the following training based on participants’ background and expertise.

  1. Awareness—This one- to three-hour session introduces the concepts, principals, practices and theories of infant mental health. The session provides an overview of ZERO TO THREE’s diagnostic criteria DC:0-3R for disorders of early childhood. The interactive sessions includes lecture, discussions and case examples.
  2. Diagnostic Overview—This one- to four-hour informational session offers mental health and other clinicians with basic information and a brief introduction to the concepts of infant mental health. The session introduces DC: 0-3R's philosophy, approach to assessment, and its mult-axial approach. Lecture, video, discussion and case examples will help participants gain awareness of this system for diagnositing infant mental health and developmental disorders.

  3. Introductory—This six-hour session for mental health clinicians and other therapists offers a more in-depth examination infant mental health, the axes and diagnostic classifications used in DC:0-3R; the assessment, evaluation, and diagnosis of very young children. The session also covers the crosswalks between the DC:0-3R and DSM-IV and ICD-9 or ICD-10.  The session includes lecture, video, case presentation, and discussion.

  4. Practitioner Preparation—This two-day workshop allows more seminar builds on the introductory case-based session with in-depth discussion involving assessments and diagnoses for infants and toddlers. Participants must have completed the introductory session.

  5. Training of Trainers—This TOT model includes introductory and advanced training, with follow-up on-site consultation, advance seminars, phone consultation, and co-facilitated training opportunities.

  6. Advanced (TOT)—This three-hour case-based seminar is for professionals involved in Training for Trainers who have used DC:0-3R for at least several months. Working in pairs or teams, mental health professionals prepare and present a case for discussion.

Training Materials Back to Top

  • Decision Guides for Axis I, II and V
  • Forms and checklists
  • PowerPoint slide handouts

Required materials: Each particpant must purchase a copy of the DC: 0-3R manual. To learn more and buy, click this direct link to the manual in our eStore.


We contract with mental health agencies.


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