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Disater Relief and Trauma

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How much are young children affected by events that take place around them? A lot. Babies are active players in the world. Even though they may not understand the meaning of what they see or hear, children absorb the images that surround them and are deeply impacted by the emotions of the people they rely on for love and security.

Parents and caregivers play a very important role in helping infants and toddlers cope and recover from traumatic and stressful experiences. Providing young children with sensitive and responsive care takes a lot of emotional and physical energy. But the everyday moments shared between a child and a loved adult can be mutually healing. During difficult and uncertain times, simply finding comfort in each other’s presence is the first step to helping young children cope and heal.

Featured Item

Little Listeners in an Uncertain World
Provides coping strategies for families with young children during difficult nd uncertain times.
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For Professionals

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Helping Young Children and Families Cope with Trauma in a New Era
Provides principles to keep in mind when working with children and families affected by trauma.

Supporting Parents, Helping Children
Provides several principles that can be usefully adapted and applied to the process of helping very young children and families cope with the potentially overwhelming impact of traumatic events.

Mobilizing Trauma Resources for Children
Explores child trauma and provides definitions, statistics, protective and risk factors, and assessment evaluation strategies and issues.
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Developmental and Therapeutic Aspects of Treating Infants and Toddlers Who Have Witnessed Violence
Provides a case study analysis on the enduring developmental consequences of trauma in early life.
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Guidance for Selecting Mental Health Support
Provides guidance and resources for those wishing to consult with a counselor or mental health professional.

For Parents

Little Listeners in an Uncertain World
Provides coping strategies for families with young children during difficult nd uncertain times.
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Circle of Trust
Provides essential criteria for primary caregivers to help make a child feel safe in times of crisis. Reproduced with permission from the Circle of Security.
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Related Resources 

ZTT Publications

Islands of Safety: Assessing and Treating Young Victims of Violence
By Joy D. Osofsky and Emily Fenichel (Eds.)  (2002)
Guides readers through recognizing the full range of symptoms and behaviors that may stem from infants’ and toddlers’ exposure to violence; supporting those giving care to traumatized young children; and designing and carrying out treatment plans to help children and their families cope and recover.

Caring for Infants and Toddlers in Violent Environments: Hurt, Healing and Hope
By Joy D. Osofsky & Emily Fenichel (Eds.)  (1994)
Presents practical guidelines for parents, child care providers, community police, and mental health professionals caring for very young children who witness or are victimized by community violence, family violence, and abuse.

Don't Hit My Mommy! A Manual for Child-Parent Psychotherapy with Young Witnesses of Family Violence
By Alicia F. Lieberman and Patricia Van Horn  (2005)
Offers treatment guidelines to address behavioral and mental health problems young children experience when violence disrupts their most intimate relationships.

Losing a Parent to Death in the Early Years: Guidelines for the Treatment of Traumatic Bereavement in Infancy and Early Childhood
By A. F. Lieberman, N. C. Compton, P. Van Horn, and C. Ghosh Ippen  (2003)
Describes how babies, toddlers and preschool-age children typically respond to overwhelming loss and explains complications in the grieving process that are associated with the sudden or violent death of a parent.

Separation and Continuity in the Lives of Infants and Toddlers
By Jenifer Goldman-Fraser, Mari Fernandez, and Kofi Marvo, Guest Editors  (2005)
Zero to Three Journal article that explore divorce, language delays and the therapeutic process, screening and intervention tools for enhancing infant-toddler adjustment to child chare, and the unique needs faced by military families separated from loved ones.

Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood, Revised (DC:0-3R)
Developmentally based system for diagnosing mental health and developmental disorders in infants and toddlers.

DC:0-3 Casebook
Guide to ZERO TO THREE’s Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood in assessment Provides twenty-four detailed case reports, documenting work with children from 6 months to 4 1/2 years and their families.


Young Children and Trauma Intervention and Treatment
Edited by ZERO TO THREE's Board Member,  Joy D. Osofsky
This book brings together leading experts to address practical considerations in working with traumatized young children and their caregivers. With a focus on building cross-disciplinary collaboration to better serve this vulnerable population, this is a resource for mental health and human service professionals working with children at risk.

 For Policymakers

Hurricane Relief for Infants, Toddlers and Their Families
Federal policy recommendations for meeting the needs of infants, toddlers and their families affected by the hurricanes.
[ 41 KB Icon_pdf ] 

Training Opportunities

Visit our Center for Training Services to find out more information about receiving training on responding to, and understanding trauma and stress in infants and toddlers.  

Extrenal Links 

National Child Traumatic Stress Network
Nonprofit that raises the standard of care and improve access to services for traumatized children, their families and communities throughout the United States.

National Center for Children Exposed to Violence
Nonprofit increases the capacity of individuals and communities to reduce the incidence and impact of violence on children and families; to train and support the professionals who provide intervention and treatment to children and families affected by violence; and, to increase professional and public awareness of the effects of violence on children, families, communities and society.

Coming Together Around Military FamiliesNational Training InstituteEarly Head StartEarly Head Start

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